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2 Paddler Performance Travel Kayak

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2 Paddler Performance Travel Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are perfect for camping, vacationing, exploring remote areas, and for cruising yachts. They're also great for paddling enthusiasts that don't want to drive around with a kayak on their rooftop! AIRHEAD Travel Kayaks fit easily into the trunk of your car, duffel bag or suitcase. When you feel the itch to paddle, your boat is with you!

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  • NMMA Approved
  • Designed for lakes and moderate white water
  • Lightweight / compact / portable
  • Inflatable seats with adjustable support backrest and mesh pocket
  • Highly visible orange for safety
  • Low drag / superior tracking with 4 bottom fins
  • All 3 air chambers are completely enclosed by rugged 840-denier nylon with UV and water-resistant coatings
  • Durable tri-laminate bottom for a lifetime of use
  • Adjustable foot brace
  • Neoprene elbow guards for comfort
  • Padded Shoulder Carrier Included
  • Easy to inflate and deflate (3 Boston valves with nylon covers)
  • Stainless steel and nylon hardware will not corrode
  • D-rings at bow and stern for securing gear, Stretch net in bow
  • Low drag, superior tracking
  • Grab handles for easy put-ins and pull-outs
  • Threaded drain plug
  • 2 man, 12 ft., 36.3 lbs., 2 person / 500 lb. capacity
CoverUV & Water-Resistant Full Nylon
Max Capacity2 Riders
Length (deflated)12ft.
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Have Owned One for 9 Years Now! If I Could Give This Kayak 8 Stars, I Would Do So! Review by Vince
Well, since that time, over the past 9 years, my Airhead inflatable kayak has been subjected to some fairly frequent very rough use on local rivers and in local bays, and it is still in perfect shape today, and it is still used regularly in rough waters filled with sharp objects. All that I can say is that if I could give this kayak 8 stars for this review, I would do so in a second!

This kayak, much as I mentioned above, is now 9 years old, and has often been used in rough river waters where other nearby inflatable kayaks operated by friends have almost instantly developed major tears or leaks from sharp objects in the water (i.e., sharp rocks, submerged pieces of rusty metal, submerged rebar sticking out of chunks of concrete), and yet, over all these years, this kayak HAS NEVER DEVELOPED EVEN THE TINIEST LEAK!

I credit at least some of the incredible resistance to puncture and tear damage not only to the tough nylon 840 denier fabric shell, but to the tough triple-layer black leather-like "skid plate" reinforcement covering much of the bottom of the kayak. I also really like the tough leather-like black spray covers that protect the front and rear ends of the kayak -- tjhey too are nearly bulletproof!

In fact, when it is not in use, I store the kayak fully inflated in the living room (storing the kayak inflated tend to vastly increase the lifetime of the interior vinyl air bladders and also that of the exterior nylon shell), and my four cats often climb on it and sharpen their claws on the tough 840-denier nylon fabric shell that encases the kayak's exterior, and their sharp claws have NEVER been able to damage the nylon denier fabric, nor the vinyl air bladders under it, at all. Now, some of my friends and acquaintances in the kayaking world have at times expressed horror over the fact that I allow my cats to sharpen their claws on the kayak's fabric shell, and my reply to them is always as follows:

"I often trust my life to this kayak in rough waters filled with sharp rocks and sharp protruding shards of rusty metal (from debris lying on the bottom of the river or bay), and I specifically chose to purchase this kayak because my research indicated that it would be nearly bulletproof in such situations. So, if this kayak can handle sharp rocks and sharp rusty metal edges lurking in the water, why should I ever need to worry about my cats possibly damaging the nylon fabric shell with their claws?"

A few more notes about this kayak:

When rolled up, it is easy for one person to carry it from the car to the water's edge, even over rough terrain.

Whether it is being used by one person or by two persons, this kayak is easy to set up and take down, and easy to handle on the water.

Another great feature about this inflatable kayak is that there is plenty of room to stow gear even when two people are aboard.

I also really like the bright orange color of the nylon fabric, and the contrasting black color of the spray covers, skid plate and trim; this kayak is easily visible, and identifiable, from a long distance over the water.

One other telling fact about this kayak is that over the years, a number of friends and acquaintances who have owned other brands and styles of inflatable sit-on-top kayaks have come to me and asked me to tell them the exact make and model of this kayak because they had decided to purchase one for themselves after seeing just how tough and durable this kayak is out on the water.

Incidentally, I have, since early 2006, given this kayak some very good reviews over the years on some kayaking websites and online forums, and in the wake of having left those reviews, I have been contacted across the years by a number of very happy people who had purchased this kayak after having read my review, and in each case, they told me that they were extremely satisfied with their purchase.

In summary, this insanely tough and hardy kayak is already 9 years old, and it has been subjected to some very nasty abuse during that period, and, based upon its peformance to date, I fully expect it to last at least another 10 to 12 years! In fact, even after having owned this kayak for over 9 years, I cannot think of even one complaint or negative point about this kayak.

In closing, all that I can say is that if I ever need to again purchase a new inflatable sit-on-top kayak, even if I had two thousand dollars to spend, I would definitely choose only this particular kayak again (and best of all, it is inexpensive)! It is as close to bulletproof as possible for an inflatable sit-on-top kayak.

In fact, I am in love with this kayak! It is brilliantly engineered and designed, and it has obviously been very well-constructed.

Finally, here are a few pointers that I wish to share with you if you have never before owned or used a high-quality inflatable kayak:

If you will be traveling any significant distance from shore in this kayak, or plan to take it out on a trip lasting mover than a half-hour, always carry a spare hand-operated air pump in a mesh gear bag stashed somewhere on the kayak. You never know when you might wish, or need, to add a bit more air to one or more of the bladders. The air bladdders in inflatable kayaks often lose some pressure after the kayak has been sititng in the water for about 20 minutes, simple because the air in the bladders gets chilled by cold water and thus loses volume. Also, the air pump will be handy if a small leak should occur, or if one or more of the Boston valves was not fully tightened. (Posted on 1/13/2014)

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