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Dock Bumpers and Boat Fenders

Hull Hugr dock bumpers will ensure your prized boat is protected from scrapes and dings while tied up at the dock. Sportsstuff has a large selection of dock bumpers and fenders for your boat and PWC. Built to last in the harsh marine environments, they’re filled with high-density closed-cell polyethylene foam, and covered by a UV-resistant and tear-proof vinyl / polyester tri-laminate material for years of use. Offering many sizes and shapes covering everything for dock corners to the sides of PWC’s, Hull Hugrs work on almost every size boat, dock, or PWC. Boat Bumpers styles of protection accommodate corners, hinged, flat, contour, and roll ups. In addition to Hull Hugr dock bumpers, Sportsstuff offers a wide range of boat and dock attachment accessories including suction cup mounts, modular EVA fenders, no-slip fender straps and tie downs. Check out our variety of boat fenders and bumpers for all your dock and fender needs.

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  1. Modular EVA Fender (24 x 12 x 3 in.)

    Modular EVA Fender (24 x 12 x 3 in.)

    These HULL HUGR Fenders are easy to stow and will not puncture or absorb water.

    The flat design prevents from them from rolling or riding up.

    Link 2 or more together with the hook and loop straps provided. Manufactured from 3 layer dual density EVA. They’re great for rafting 2 boats together and very popular for sailboats and runabouts.

    Hook & Loop Strap and Fender Line included.

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  2. Roll Up Fenders (Small)

    Roll Up Fenders (Small)

    Traditional round fenders roll up, leaving boats unprotected and they're bulky to stow. HULL HUGR to the rescue! When boats rock, HULL HUGR stays put.

    The innovative HULL HUGR protects boats better than 6 traditional fenders.

    The ingenious patented design enables you to fold it up to a very compact size, easy to stow, or use it as a cushion. Hull Hugr is constructed of UV and puncture resistant marine grade vinyl / polyester tri-laminate. Six blocks of durable closed-cell foam are sealed inside.

    There are 3 sizes to fit every boat, dock, and slip: HH-S & SW: 7 1/2 feet long x 15 inches tall, 6 - 12 inch x 6 inch x 2 inch foam bumpers, folds to only 15 inches x 15 inches x 4 inches. For low profile boats, including jet boats, ski boats, bass boats and sailboats. Great for tying or screwing to docks.

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  3. Dock Corner Bumper 12˝ x 12˝ x 6˝ x 4˝

    Dock Corner Bumper 12˝ x 12˝ x 6˝ x 4˝

    These HULL HUGR bumpers protect boats from damaging dock corners. They’re manufactured from UV and tear resistant vinyl/polyester tri-laminate and filled with high-density closed-cell foam. Equipped with corrosion-proof grommets for securely mounting to docks. White. Learn More
  4. Dock Bumper, 36" x 6" x 4"

    Dock Bumper, 36" x 6" x 4"

    All HULL HUGR products are manufactured from a UV-resistant and tear-proof vinyl / polyester tri-laminate. These dock bumpers are 36” x 6” x 4” and are filled with high-density closed-cell polyethylene foam. There are 4 corrosion-proof stainless steel grommets for mounting to docks. White. Learn More
  5. PWC Fender

    PWC Fender

    PWC Fender

    Docking a PWC has never been safer with the introduction of the HULL HUGR PWC Fender. Engineered specifically for PWCs, it hinges in the center to better protect PWC bodies from docks designed for bigger boats. It hooks under the rub rail with a molded acetyl hook integrated into the back of the fender. If your PWC has them, you'll want to connect the top of the fender to a cleat or ski eye with the adjustable strap and vinyl dipped steel hook provided. If not, simply thread the strap though the rubber block provided and place it inside the PWC's storage compartment, then shut it. The block anchors the fender strap perfectly and will not damage the body. We recommend 2 fenders per PWC. Fits all PWCs. Learn More

  6. PWC Fenders

    PWC Fenders

    PWC Fenders

    Personal watercraft require specialized fenders to prevent damage from floating underneath docks designed for boats. These 3" x 18" fenders have nylon covers and attach to PWC's with 2 giant suction cups or secure under your hood and seat. Great for docking, rafting boat to boat, PWC to boat, or PWC to PWC. 2 per Package. Color: Black. Learn More

  7. Contour Fender (30 x 6 x 4in.)

    Contour Fender (30 x 6 x 4in.)

    Contour Fender (30 x 6 x 4in.) Black

    Traditional round fenders tend to roll up from contact with docks, leaving your boat unprotected.

    They're also bulky to stow. Boats with step-down gunwales are especially vulnerable to damage from docks. HULL HUGR Contour Fenders stay put and stow conveniently under boat seats. They hinge to wrap around the gunwale and hull, following the contours of the boat.

    All HULL HUGRs are constructed with a tough marine grade rip proof tri-laminate cover, with closed cell foam inside. Durable polycarbonate grommets at each end allow you to hang them from cleats.

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