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Life Vests by Airhead

Stay safe on the water and enjoy boating and water sports for years to come with our life vests, boat cushions, and safety equipment. Our durable life vests and other safety equipment offer the highest quality expected from Kwik Tek along with the security needed to keep you and loved ones safe on the water.

Browse below by category, or select “Show All Styles” to view all life vests, water ski vests, and wakeboard vests. Sportsstuff offers many styles, colors and sizes of life vests from children to adult 4XL. Find the right material to stay comfortable on the water with options including Nylon, Ripstop, Neo/Nylon Hybrid, and Neoprene Life Vest styles. Various fashionable styles and colors make sure you always look you’re your best while out on the boat. You’ll find vests for ever budget and type of use.

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  1. Classic Family Child-Adult Life Vest

    Classic Family Child-Adult Life Vest

    Adult Dual Size: Child, Youth, S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL 

    • Child (Blue / Yellow) 10010-02-A-BLYW
    • Youth (Blue / Yellow) 10010-03-A-BLYW
    • S/M (Blue / Gray) 10010-04-A-BLYW 
    • L/XL (Blue / Gray) 10010-05-A-BLYW 
    • 2XL/3Xl (Blue / Gray) 10010-06-A-BLYW 

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