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AQUA ZOOKA (32" barrel)

Part Number: AZ-32

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AQUA ZOOKA (32" barrel) Water Bazooka

Soak your friends with AQUA ZOOKA! This easy to operate, quick filling water bazooka is constructed of high-impact thermoplastics, and will last for seasons of fun. Simply dip AQUA ZOOKA into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into the barrel. You're ready to fire, with a range of up to 60 feet! AQUA ZOOKAs are equipped with comfortable EVA handles so that you won't lose your grip, even with wet hands in the heat of battle! The EVA handles also ensure that AQUA ZOOKA will float on top of the water. Doubles as a bilge pump or household siphon!

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  • 32 inches long.
  • Shoots up to 60 feet
  • Comfortable EVA Handle
  • Floats on the water
  • Doubles as a bilge pump
  • High Impact Thermoplastic construction
  • Fills quickly
Width (Inches)5
Height (Inches)2
Length (inches)34
Great Buy Review by Dan
I purchased this product at the last minute for a tubing trip that weekend.During the trip My buddies had other brand water cannons and were amazed at how far this one shoots! Not only that, the sheer length of time it shot water totally soaked them! It was a little different with this 32 inch type, to draw water. It got a bit wobbly when full, but after a couple uses it was easy to handle. I will definitely have it again next time, with a couple more! (Posted on 3/20/2014)

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