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Even though summer vacation is officially over and school days have begun, especially if you or your children are beginners, there are still major benefits to going out on water skis, wakeboards, or towable tubes. One major factor is that the majority of the crowds are gone, which makes it easier to maneuver and to concentrate.


Where are the best watersport destinations for late summer / early fall?


Here are just a few suggestions...


Daytona Beach, Florida


Although nearing the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, this was picked because of a drier precipitation that was forecast for the Labor Day weekend and hopefully will continue. There may be an occasional shower or thunderstorm, but a total washout is not expected.


Outer Banks, North Carolina


With El Niño hopefully suppressing major hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, you can be pretty confident in planning a final summer vacation. The Outer Banks had a drier-than-normal and near-normal temperatures on the weekend of Labor Day.


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Virginia Beach gets bonus points for a temperature forecast that was slightly above normal.


South Padre Island, Texas


There is expected to be no shortage of hot weather in this southern Texas vacation destination.


Shasta Lake, California


There’s still plenty of warm weather well into fall, and a fall trip has the added benefit of discounted rates on houseboat rentals. Get more bang for your buck and more time on the water.


Lake Havasu, California/Arizona


Summers at Havasu can be almost too hot. There’s plenty of great weather well into fall (or even early winter) and you can avoid the crowds that gather with the good weather at spring break.


Lake Nacimiento, California


Can you say....”Great wine tasting nearby”??? We certainly can.


Berryessa, Folsom, and Shasta Lakes in California


In addition to smaller crowds, you’re likely to find some great discounted rates on houseboats on these three beautiful Californa lakes!


A Few More Suggestions


- Myrtle Beach
- Southhampton
- Cape Cod, Massachusetts area including Provincetown
- Cape May, New Jersey
- Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California
- Lake Powell


All Around the World


There are many who participate in this sport in a multitude of countries including the Americas, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In just the United States, there are around 11 million water skiers and more than 900 competitions for them each year. The skiing can take place on any kind of water such as a lake, river, or ocean. Calm waters are perfect for recreational skiing.


Learning to Water Ski?


Skiing is a fun pastime that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. There is no minimum age to water ski. Young skiers usually start on special children's beginner water skis, which have two skis tied together at the front and back. You should have a qualified instructor teach the children not to stand up too quickly but stay in a crouch at first, slowly come to a standing position, and then give lessons on how to ski correctly, It is important to know that the skiing gets less awkward as one continues to do it.




This is an inflatable single rider hybrid with water ski trainers and ski binding. It is stable and sturdy when being towed and is easy for kids to get up on. Children board the EZ SKI from the stern or swim step of a boat and can sit on the inflated seat until they are ready to stand and ski. This trainer teaches basic skiing fundamentals such as how to stand properly, manage a rope and handle, balance and transfer weight, and more.

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