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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a part?

Please visit our parts ordering site by clicking here or at the bottom of our website under the Customer Service heading. Our parts website has all of the items that are currently available to order.

Can you take my order over the phone?

If you have any questions about which part to order, please call us at 1-800-624-1297. However, in order to ensure timely processing of all parts orders, we are unable to take your order over the phone.

If you are trying to use our store to order a product and are encountering issues, please call Shopatron at 1-888-234-5450.

Why is my part not on your parts list?

Our parts list is updated regularly, so if you don’t see your part on the list, it is either backordered or discontinued. If you have questions on when or if we’ll be getting your part back in stock, please call 1-800-624-1297.

How do I know which part to order?

First, find the model number on your particular tube. It will be either stamped/embossed on the bladder by the main air valve or printed on the caution tag attached to the cover. Using our website to find the model number is not advised as there may be more than one model number for any given line of product. Once the model number is located, check our parts website for parts which are available for your product.

Am I able to purchase your parts anywhere else?

We are the only point of purchase for our parts.

What is the cost of shipping a part?

Shipping costs are calculated based on your order total. You can find the chart outlining shipping charges here.

Will there be tax on my order?

Only orders shipping to California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Canada are subject to sales tax.

Do you ship outside the continental US?

For orders through our online store, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes, APO Boxes or any location outside the continental United States of America.

When shipping parts orders to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska, there is an additional $30 charge.

For other countries, email Jeremy Blatt at Brunger Export:

Can you expedite my order?

Orders made on our online store are presently unable to be expedited.

Parts orders do have the option of being expedited for a fee, please see the options on the parts site checkout page for more information.

Is there another bladder that will work for my tube?

All of our bladders are designed specifically for their respective covers. Any bladder or cover not used with its intended counterpart will not be covered under warranty. We are unable to provide guidance on finding a cover or bladder to fit another manufacturer’s product.

How can I order a new valve?

Our products currently have either a Boston valve or a Speed Safety valve. Boston valves are threaded and screw into the bladder. Speed Safety valves are melded directly to the bladder and push in.

Our Boston valves are available for order from our website at, found under the Valves section or searching part number AHBV-2.

Speed Safety valves are unable to be replaced. If yours has come detached from the bladder, a new bladder is needed. If your Speed Safety valve is missing the small, red insert, these can be replaced by ordering here.

Is my tube under warranty?

All our parts and products come with a warranty good for one year from the purchase date. If filing a warranty claim, a copy of the receipt or invoice is required to verify date of purchase. To file a warranty, follow the instructions on our warranty page or find the link at the bottom of our website under the Customer Service header.

How do I repair a leak in my tube or bladder?

If you are unable to find the leak after submerging the product, try brushing soapy water onto the tube. Anywhere bubbles form, inspect for a leak. To repair leaks on smooth surfaces, we have a Vinyl repair kit found under our Watersports > Accessories section or searching for part number AHRK-1.

Are there any stores in my area that carry your products?

Yes, we work with many retailers such as Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, West Marine, Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5, Overton’s, REI, Sports Chalet and more. To see locations in your area, please see our dealer locator.