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SPORTSSTUFF FRUIT series pool floats are so realistic, they’ll make your mouth water! These over-sized pool/lake floats are the perfect summer spot for juicy gossip with friends or sipping on summertime cocktails. Great for play or lounging, the image of watermelons, kiwis and oranges will brighten your day watching them floating in your pool! These 62” (deflated) pool floats are manufactured from heavy gauge radio frequency welded PVC to ensure long service. Featuring tinted clear see-though top and bottom layers of PVC these fruit loungers are a must have. Get all 3!
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  • Custom Innovative Fruit Graphics
  • Heavy Gauge PVC construction with RF welded seams
  • Perfect for pools, lakes and rivers
  • 1 Person capacity
  • Tinted Clear Construction
  • 62in. Diameter (deflated)
So much fun! Review by Knitting Mom
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My kids love this. They were able to get 4-5 preteen/teen kids on it at one time. The biggest complaint they had was that it needs some sort of handle to grab on to. It was hard to keep a hold of without one. They still really enjoyed it. (Posted on 9/15/2017)
Giant and cool looking Review by Fergy
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This is as much a warning as it is a compliment, but the float is very large. If you were thinking of taking this down to the club pool, think again. Inflated, it will be too large for many people to fit into the car without ditching people. And the lifeguards are probably going to shake their heads when you roll in with it. However, if you've got your own pool or want to use this at the lake, it is great. The kiwi design and colors work very well; it has a fun look to it. The float takes a long time to inflate. I recommend using an electric pump for an inflatable air mattress. (Posted on 9/15/2017)
Fun Float Review by TexasMatt
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This is a SUPER fun beach or pool float. You're definitely going to want some type of pump to get this inflated, as IT'S HUGE! It blows up nicely and when fully inflated, floats well, but as it is used (for about 2-3 days) it needs to be re-inflated a bit. The material itself is thicker than a normal pool float, so I think that as long as you're careful (no extreme jumping on it, etc.) it will last all summer. The seams are sturdy and overall, for a pool float, it's fairly well made. We could fit 1 adult on it, or 2-3 kids. It's a fun float for everyone to use. (Posted on 9/14/2017)
See Through and Much Less Obnoxious than a Giant Bird Review by SeaCAPTAIN
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I LOVE giant floats and this one in particular for the reason being that it's see through. I know sounds weird but there's something so much more fun with a pool float that you can lay on and look through to see the bottom. The colors are much more vibrant in person than in the photo. I have to admit I love the unicorns and swans but this is much more practical and realistic. The material feels like good quality i personally wouldn't take this to the river I'd keep it in the pool. I used an electric air pump I have and I highly suggest making sure you have something similar. Overall very fun and different for pool fun. (Posted on 9/14/2017)
Made of heavy duty vinyl and has a double closure ... Review by SBeck
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Made of heavy duty vinyl and has a double closure for the air - this thing's a beast! A week in the pool with 10 yr olds and it's still going strong. (Posted on 9/14/2017)
Adult size fun float Review by Holly L.
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Wow, what a splash you make on this giant kiwi! Much bigger than you'd imagine, it's large enough for adults or multiple kids. Heavy, I'd recommend using a foot pump to inflate rather than try to blow it up manually. Looks great in the water with its bright colors and gets lots of compliments. (Posted on 9/14/2017)
Great visual appeal and durability Review by Oliver D
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Wow, what an attention getter! This pool floater is fully 5' across and very well made. The materials are thicker than your normal beach ball, for example, and feel very sturdy and durable. It will endure more than most pool toys without damage. It does have a large aperture for blowing up, and I STRONGLY recommend that you get the SPORTSSTUFF pump for inflation and deflation to save on time, lightheadedness and frustration. Lots of fun and great visual appeal. Easily fits normal sized adults, and makes for great play for multiple kids. Recommended! (Posted on 9/14/2017)

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