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Airhead SUP Accessories | Stand Up Paddleboard Accessories

When you’re out on the water enjoying your SUP time, you want to have every convenience within your reach. That’s why at Sportsstuff we sell a variety of the most popular SUP accessories. We sell the highest quality leashes so that even if you lose your balance and fall off the board, you’ll stay tethered to the SUP so you don’t lose the board. We also carry anchors, carriers, and cargo bungee nets so that your belongings are always safely within arm’s reach. To learn more about all the accessories we offer, check out our products on this page and contact us with any questions. All of our products are guaranteed to make your time on the water as enjoyable and carefree as possible.

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  1. SUP Fishing Rack

    SUP Fishing Rack

    • An essential piece of equipment for catching a big fish on a SUP!
    • Holds 2 fishing rods and provides a stable base to hang gear from
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • Easy to attach and detach to the AIRHEAD BONEFISH iSUPs
    • Folds up for easy stowage
    • Includes locking Star mounts
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  2. SUP Bucket Rack

    SUP Bucket Rack

    • A “must have” piece of equipment for SUP fishing!
    • Holds 4 fishing rods & a 5 gallon bucket
    • Easy to attach and detach to AIRHEAD BONEFISH iSUPs
    • Lightweight rust resistant aluminum construction
    • Folds up for easy stowage
    • Includes locking Star mounts
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  3. Suction Cup Tie Downs

    Suction Cup Tie Downs

    • Thousands of uses!
    • Suction cup activated / deactivated with mechanical lever
    • For smooth fiberglass surfaces
    • Versatile Duraflex wide gate spring hook
    • Heavy duty webbing
    • 2 per package
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  4. Paws Pad

    Paws Pad

    • Provides a comfortable slip free spot for “Fido”
    • Durable EVA Foam with self-adhesive backing
    • Simple to attach
    • Charcoal Gray
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  5. SUP Drink Holder

    SUP Drink Holder

    • Quench your thirst while you paddleboard!
    • Adjustable to hold a wide variety of beverage containers
    • Attach and detach with the provided adhesive velcro strips
    • Durable ABS plastic construction
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  6. SUP Pressure Gauge

    SUP Pressure Gauge

    Protect your iSUP investment with this handy pressure gauge. Maintaining proper air pressure in your iSUP is very important. If the air pressure inside your iSUP is too low, it negatively affects performance. If the pressure is too high, whether from over-pumping or the heat of the sun, you could burst the seams. Accurately measures air pressures from 7 to 25 psi (.5 to 1.8 bar).

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  7. High Pressure Hand Pump

    High Pressure Hand Pump

    • Inflates inflatable SUPs to optimal pressure!
    • High pressure, up to 15 psi!
    • Manometer/ air pressure gauge included
    • Locking 50 in. hose with H-Valve and Boston Valve adapter
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  8. SUP Velocity Pump 12V

    SUP Velocity Pump 12V

    • Inflate ISUPs 33% faster than any other portable pump!    
    • Single stage high pressure / high volume inflation 
    • Alligator clips & 10 ft. (3m) cable for direct battery connection 
    • Locking 50 in. hose with interchangeable H-Valve, Leafield C7, SSV & mini SSV Adaptors
    • Auto shut-off! Just dial in the pressure from 1 - 20 PSI!
    • Includes mesh storage bag!
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  9. SUP M.O.A.P Hand Pump

    SUP M.O.A.P Hand Pump

    • Unparalleled performance, the “Mother Of All Pumps”!
    • Inflates inflatable SUPs in ½ the time!
    • 2 stage hand pump, high volume & high pressure piston
    • High pressure, up to 20 PSI! 
    • Built in air pressure gauge included
    • Lock-on 50 in. (127cm) hose with H-Valve & Leafield C7 Adaptors
    • Includes mesh storage bag!
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  10. SUP Bungee Cargo Net

    SUP Bungee Cargo Net

    • 4 Heavy-Duty 15 x 15 in. stretch cord net secures gear to your SUP or kayak
    • 2 attachment options
    • 4 Hi-Impact lashing points with 3M adhesive backing
    • 4 suction cups to attach net to most fiberglass decks
    • Tether other items to the lashing
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