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Wakeboards, Waterskis, Wakesurfers and Wakeboarding Accessories

Wakeboarding has grown so popular in recent years it’s become a new favorite water sport among kids and adults. Whether you're a beginner learning to wakeboard or an expert looking for the latest in wakeboard technology, Sportsstuff offers the highest quality products on the market. Shop our wide selection of wakeboard kits, boards, and bindings to find just what you’re looking for. Having the proper wakeboard that meets your abilities is a step of wakeboarding not to be forgotten.

Beginners should consider the Splash, Bonehead and Shred Time wakeboards. They offer beginners a perfect learning platform, twin tip shape, and premium construction at an affordable price. For intermediate riders a longer twin tip shaped board is ideal to perfect your skills and push tricks to the next level. Featuring a 6 fin “thruster” set up, the Fluid and Rip Slash wakeboards are perfect for those weighing over 150 lbs. For the experienced rider check out the Shockwave Carbon wakeboard, featuring extra tough reinforcements designed for experts looking for a pro level board offering.

Sportsstuff offers wakeboard bindings for everyone from the first time rider to the next pro. All of our bindings feature high quality and pro level features. From our most basic youth binding (GRAB) to our highest end performance wakeboard binding (BOSS), you will never have to worry about sacrificing comfort or features. The brand new GOBLIN wakeboard binding is the next level in binding technology, sporting premium features and a brand new look. Goblin is an ideal binding for people looking for a pro level without pro level pricing.

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  1. 25 Foot Wakesurf Rope

    25 Foot Wakesurf Rope

    This 25 ft. PolyE 5 piece sectional wakesurf rope has a 12 ft. mainline with four grasp knots and a 10 in. EVA handle. With the additional 4 removable sections (3 ft., 3 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft.), you are sure to find the right spot on the water to ride in style.  Break strength:1200 lbs.

    AHWS-R02: Electric Red. 
    AHWS-R03: Electric Green.

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  2. Charge Wakesurf Board

    The Charge is a full foam wakesurf board and a great and economical way for the whole family to enjoy the wake!  Quick to accelerate on the wave, it comes with a removable 3-fin setup for agile turning and control.  Rounding out the board’s capabilities with an EVA pad and kick with a 4-inch nose rocker.  With the sport continuing to grow in popularity, isn’t it time you got to experience what all the excitement is about?  Enjoy the Charge and find out for yourself! 59 in. x 21 in. x 2.4 in.

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  3. Disc-Go


    DISC-GO is a real crowd pleaser with a fast learning curve. First time riders will be carving turns, riding backwards and doing 360s and even 720s in no time! This is the board that pleases like no other! DISC-GO is a huge polyurethane foam injected roto-molded disc with a rounded bottom. The soft EVA traction pad provides a great foothold. No matter how many “water toys” you have, this will be the kids favorite! When you’re not towing it, the kids will spend hours playing on it and having balancing contests. 47” x 2” Learn More
  4. Pfish Skim Style Wakesurf Board

    Pfish Skim Style Wakesurf Board

    PFISH is a really fun wakesurf board for any rider, beginner to advanced. The full shape and fish tail setup is forgiving and gives beginners an easy platform to learn the glide. Advanced riders will find it a nice stable board that shreds and cops air with ease. The extra thick grooved EVA deck has a big kicker and provides excellent foothold. Our test riders have liked it better than boards that sell at twice the price. PFISH is 49” x 21” x 7/8”, has 2 fins and is for riders up to 175 lbs. You’ll be doing air reverses and shove-its in no time! Learn More
  5. Banzai Wakesurfer

    Banzai Wakesurfer

    BANZAI Wakesurfer

    BANZAI is the Cadillac of wakesurf boards. Its classic shape is easy to get up on and forgiving, perfect for beginners, intermediates, smaller wakes and bigger people. This compression molded fiberglass board with dual hook grooves grab the wake. The EVA pad with molded kicktail provides plenty of grip, control and balance. 3 profiled fins are mounted to recessed fin boxes. The pin shaped 2.5" rocker makes the board fast. Length: 63", center width 20.5". One size fits all. Learn More


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